Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Colab ~

so ~ this is just short notice, that we moved (not actually move, but we host our work) at ~

I still will post the chapter at this site tho ~ XD

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Novel ~

TL : Visu
ED : Crimsonwolf
PR : Lebin


Hi hi ~
We decided to translate another novel for side project(maybe) or main project, since the chapter's quite short maybe main project.

thanks for Crimsonwolf and Lebin for editing this chapter ~ and of course author-sama who write this novel ~ :>

the main character looked all badass and evil ~ it's quite cute , as I love misunderstanding novel XDD

well then *bow*

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New carla update ~

TL : Visu
ED : CrimsonWolf
PR : Lebin

sigh ~ i'm have quite bad night for the last few day, where I always got sleep paralysis whenever I tried to sleep, my homework that piled up, I by mistake tainted the book I borrowed from school with ink (and it's very plainly visible ) ..... (orz) , hope that the librarian won't get mad, or even realize there was ink there XD ..

Friday, September 16, 2016

Carla update ~

A chapdate ~ *it's a term that I thought by myself*

TL  : Visu
ED :  Crimsonwolf
PR : Lebin

as you can see from the staff list above, or on the right (just update it today tho) ~ we have a editor and Proofreader, so the chapter will come in higher quality ~

Big thanks to Crimsonwolf and Lebin for the help editing this chapter and joining the team ~

Staff introduction ~

from PR : Hi, my name's is Lebin, and I'm the new PR ^^

*there's none from ED-san :9*

well then ~ *bow*

P.S : I add a donation button on the right side, (via Ko-fi) so if you guys have spare money and had nowhere to go ~ please kindly give it to us ~ (20$/ chapter bonus , or is it too expensive? )

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even so I didn't do it

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A~ no~ the~ r ~ Cha~ p~ te~ r ~ u ~ pda~te ~

Yaaay ~

Big thanks for athor-sama for this and hope he do well in his work (he seems busy :3)

Well then *bow*

Chapter 3 - 1

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Carla Chapter update

Ka~ y  ~ another chapter after few(?) days.... when is the last time I update the chapter? (Too lazy to look) :9

Well then ~ let's not making this longer.

Thank you very much for Author for writing this novel ~

btw, the author have been on hiatus since 3 months ago ~

Then *bow*

Chapter 2 - 3 Explanation End 

Also , there's no Previous - TOC - Next button  huh ~ should I add it or just leave it as it is ~ also if someone have some good template with Slide <- this one is for school homework ~ :>